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Mia Via Coffee is an Italian style restaurant & café in Tallinn Skyline Residence, located on the border of city center and Kadriorg. Our motto is  “Way of Life....” - we would like to bring a bit of joy to our life, take time off for a moment and enjoy cup of espresso in the morning, light meal for the lunch and glass of wine with delicious food for dinner. We would like to remind people, that we can change our life-style more easy-going and spice up with all the good and best and still everything will be done.

We, the owners of Mia Via Coffee Restaurant & Café, like to travel, try new tastes and make acquaintance with new cultures. Our special favourite is Italy with all its glory. For us their attitude towards life is something that we envy a bit, at least in some aspects. Of course we understand, that some role plays also the light and sun, which we are a bit  lacking in North.

But still, we have plenty of good food and ingredients in Estonia as well. And if to serve food on plate with love, good wine and enjoyable company, it may happen that we all discover a piece of sunshine within ourselves. And by sharing it we can all enjoy and feel happy.

KITCHEN of MIA VIA COFFEE Restaurant & Café

Kitchen of Mia Via Coffee Restaurant & Café offers a lot of dishes in Italian and Mediterranean style. We have house-made fresh pasta, fresh salads, traditional Italian pizza, risotto, sea-food, sweet & sour BBQ ribs, roasted duck on red wine sauce and many more. You can find delicious quiche’s, pies and cakes, prepared by our own bakers each morning. Every Sunday we offer a Brunch - late breakfast.

We have taken from Italy also an attitude, that eating is besides getting full stomach also an interaction between friends, relatives or colleges to enjoy good food and glass of wine. We find time in our daily rush and spend enjoyable time. We promise, that we always serve tasty food, good wine and cup of refreshing coffee. If we don’t have something on the menu, then we have something else tasty and cheese & olives are always available.  

See you soon!


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